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Why People Gotta Log In to View My X Stuff?


Update 2/27/24 - This issue has prompted me to complete a full jump to @Threads. From now on BuffScan microblogging can be reviewed and subscribed to at @BuffaloScan. Note the variation in spelling ("BuffaloScan", not "BuffScan").

I recently discovered that my X content isn't accessible unless you log into X.  I have two X accounts and this problem applies to both of them.

Neither account is set to privatize my content, either.

Image of bad guy on porch.

It's obviously a bug but there doesn't seem to be a clear path to reporting it, particularly if you're not a paying user of X.  They do have a help and support center but all of the boilerplate forms one would submit don't apply to this particular situation.

As a bug, I suspect it's tied to X's activity over last summer when they did in fact try to force people to log in in order to view people's feeds.  They rolled that back pretty quick, but maybe something about my accounts got left behind.

I'm basically de-platformed on X -- at least to the extent that I can't microblog to the random world at large.  Ironically, I have no problem taking my borderline mental illness rants to Threads for my personal account or new projects, but BuffaloScan on X has almost 500 subscribers that I'd like to keep my reach with.  And, while I am enamored by Threads, despite whatever issues X has with its stability (as a service, and the particular man running it), I still think X the most evolved and feature reach microblogging tool on the market, if using one is important.  I'd like to have it as an option while I continue to weigh which service I intend to ultimately run with if either. 

Otherwise, I guess X is making the decision for me.

  By BuffScan for BuffScan.


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Car Creepers No Match for Roman Army


Man - the things that can happen while just sitting in traffic.

On February 8 of this past week I had just pulled up in line to the light-stopped traffic headed into the Humboldt Parkway intersection.  This is the probably the busiest intersection on Main Street on any  given weekday at that time, which was about 8 AM.

Suddenly, there is the sound of a siren behind me, and just like that, a speeding Ram pickup truck followed by two Buffalo Police cars, race on by. 

The truck recklessly enters into the intersection miraculously without causing an accident, as do the BPD units, determined to catch their suspect.

At the time, BPD had good reason to believe that the runner was possibly the shooter in a shooting incident at the Marine Drive Apartment complex, located downtown, literally off the city marina.  

As it would later turn out, the shooter was actually a retired Buffalo Police officer named Antonio Roman (either being, if not simply unfortunately sharing, the same name as another controversial Buffalo Police officer in the mid-2000s), who apparently managed to squeeze off a round or two, or three, at purported car creeper thieves at or near the apartment complex.  

Update 2/24/24:  Antonio Roman has been arraigned on first degree assault charges.

The person threatening everyone's lives that morning by running from police was reportedly an alleged accomplice of the shot thief.

The pickup truck wound through Buffalo, winding up abandoned in a neighborhood near the Buffalo/Amherst line.  Further radio traffic of the incident tells that the sole suspect from that vehicle was then cornered and apprehended successfully with the help of Amherst Police Department's K9 unit. 

So all in all,  a great outcome.

The story elements probably demand a lot more attention than were given in my opinion.  But the important thing is a thief may have learned a lesson, and the Buffalo and Amherst Police departments, got the other one.  


  By BuffScan for BuffScan.

buffalopolice shooting takedown

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Get Ready: Blizzard Probably No Bluster


BuffScan stream playing on a TV

BuffScan online scanner will include livestreamed neighborhood overlay.

It's way overdue but Buffalo's luck seems to have run out.  We're due to be hit with what is loosely being described as a major snow storm of major snow storms, yet, (probably) not so bad as that Christmas 2023 blizzard.

The storm is supposed to be dangerous and dramatic by all indications notwithstanding and Buffalo and Erie County, and the media, are not taking chances this time by beating those drums.

Already there are casualties of sorts -- Just a few minutes ago of this writing Governor Hochul announced the postponement of tomorrow's Buffalo versus Steelers game which everyone was looking forward to.

For MSM storm coverage I am recommending WBEN's livestream.  

As for BuffScan efforts, I've temporarily reconfigured the BuffScan online scanner feed to include an overlay of my neighborhood being livestreamed until Sunday or Monday, depending on things go.  Visitors can get a sense of conditions in real-time while also listening to the scanner.  

The leading image above demonstrates that you can cast the livestream to a secondary TV in your home, as an aesthetic "information tip."  Do that from your phone or computer.

  By BuffScan for BuffScan.

livefeed weather

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The Slowest Roll Out Ever: The BuffScan Subreddit


Quite some time ago I posted some dramatic BuffScan content to r/Buffalo/ on Reddit.  Because I had done so more than a few times, another Reddit user suggested creating a new subreddit to host that sort of content. 

That actually seemed like a good idea - no offense was taken since I sort of view /r/Buffalo to be like a free-form "Good Morning America" for Buffalo to some degree -- not a place where people necessarily seek direct contact with the sort of drama I sometimes post.  So I did it. 

Behold /r/BuffScan/.

Screen capture of BuffScan subreddit.

But that was actually about two years ago and although I had gone through with the basic creation of the group, I didn't develop or advertise it much. 

Now with some holiday time off, I finally did and am -- at least to the extent that I wrote out a group description and some pretty basic rules.

I encourage anyone who has collected content to make at least a secondary post in the subreddit outside their primary platform of choice.  I myself will post some legacy stuff in addition to moving forward, just to prime the machine.  As well, I'll post public links to content that others make available online of the same genre. 

I am not sure this new subreddit is really needed in the grand scheme of things in the first place, but down the road, if it seems necessary, I'd like to accept candidates to administer the group.  Those who are already in the habit of collecting ground coverage seem like a good potential resource for that. 

  By BuffScan for BuffScan.


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