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I'm Fine, Society Is Not


Capture of CNN website coverage of Buffalo shooting incident.

Hi all, I was away from computers and the news for the entire period, helping a friend move, when this horrible thing happened. I am safe, but thank you for all the concern and messages.

You can imagine that something like this happening local to me would have had me all over it with respect to ground journalism and online ranting philosophies in wake of, the actual lack of which, raised alarm bells as to my well-being.

As it is, and probably for the better, I am just a horrified member of the regular audience digesting in what I can from the regular post-analysis news. I have seen some clips of the since-pulled videos of the shooter's livestream and find myself wanting to personally strangle the man responsible. The anger has no bottom on this one.

  By Dave for for BuffScan.

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Giving Local Media Police Radios Resolves Nothing


One of the most bizarre compromises to emerge between public safety officials and open broadcasting advocates in some areas, is the idea of giving designated media houses access to encrypted police communications, but not to what they consider the general public.

While such a compromise somehow feels apt given the supposed professional foundation of the mainstream media and of the people who work within, the premise collapses instantly on the idea that the mainstream media can somehow be trusted more in principle to never sensationalize or to somehow commodify the police radio traffic they maintain privy access to.

Sensationalize and commodify are what they do.

All these types of agreements would likely wind up doing is creating an alignment between government officials and local brokers of the news, with access to the police radio traffic turning into the "currency of compliance" between them. If the local sheriff finds himself bothered by a probe into its practices by a pesky reporter for a newspaper, for example, that sheriff might find it all too easy to "de-classify" said newspaper as a legitimate media outlet, and pull the newspaper's plug.  The newspaper would be at a significant disadvantage against its media processing competitors.

There's that, and then, there's the outdated presumption that anyone operating a media center is doing anything exceptional anyway. In 2022 everyone is a journalist, and those we would deem journalists it turns out, are just people.  Vulnerable, greedy, and biased.

Giant media houses are just profit-suckers who happen to present a more polished and frequently agitating tweet than your crazy uncle might. Filled with cheap-to-produce superficial insight and biased interpretations and positions which are often designed to invoke ever-profitable conflict, it makes zero sense to make every city and jurisdiction dependent on them for information.

  By Dave for for BuffScan.

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Replacing Police Scanning With Human Networks


Public safety radio moving to encrypted systems has left me trying to self-formulate and explain what a replacement for public monitoring looks like.  I have yet to articulate an idea well, let alone document it.  And, unfortunately, I have to assume that's because I haven't yet imagined or conceptualized a solution well first.

What I do have are a loose array of outlines going in one direction or another, with the idea that most excites me being that of a human-based reporting network.  That is to say, I hope that as average people lose the ability to eavesdrop on police or fire radio signals, they will form human networks of radio teams that "patrol and report", spotting on and contributing to local newsfeeds in real-time of various sorts and platforms.  Digital tools for that exist today in off-the-shelf social media tools like Twitter and other platforms, as do cheap analog radio backbones such as old-fashioned CB radio.


  By Dave for for BuffScan.

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Facebook as the Murderer of TikTok Found in the Parlor


Boom yah!

My hunch that news stories on the negative effects of social media on teens or anyone are astro-turfed has  proven largely correct in this Washington Post piece, Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok.

Specifically prescient to the news above I wrote last December:

I'm surprised by none of it of course.  I'll just fall back on my mantra that this happens because the more social media is discredited, the more value old school media retains. Important because the value and authority of mainstream media are deflating at an unbelievable rate.

There's just one twist to the specifics of my conspiracy theory, though -- it wasn't the legacy mainstream media doing the turfing.  It turns out, at least according to the story linked above, that it was Facebook that was secretly pushing the narrative.  A social media competitor

Or so it seems.  As we consider the story we must also consider that the revelation is being brought to my attention from an entity of the legacy mainstream media itself, The Washington Post.  And, I was tipped off by an old-fashioned TV station's tweet. 

So, is it really Facebook, or is this an example of legacy mainstream media cleverly attempting to conquer social media by dividing its industry players?

Folks, this thing may run deeper than any of us imagine. 

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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Buffalo Police Takedown With Officers Shot


Dramatic radio traffic capture of Buffalo Police chase on early evening of 3/29/22 that begins with Buffalo Police attempting to engage a Jeep Cherokee in a traffic stop.  Three police officers and one suspect are ultimately shot during course of.

The first recording begins at 5:56 PM EST and includes chatter until 7:59 PM EST.  The recording was non-managed and covered several agencies (BPD, NFTA Transit police, Buffalo fire, and others), so some key recordings were eclipsed by others as the mayhem unfolded. 

For a complete inquiry you should be sure to check out other recordings that emerge online (Tonawanda Fire Alert has posted a YouTube of audio which includes other dramatic facets BuffScan's misses).

At entry time the three officers were said to be doing well.  Suspects, including one of the shooters who evidently experienced an "emotional reaction" to being pulled over (sarcasm), are said to be in custody.

  By Dave for for BuffScan.


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