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I try to keep content consistent across all channels, but you need to check in on all the streams for the fullest experience. Maintaining different channels is an attempt to engage the platform preferences of all audiences.


I've been able to calculate and interpret astrological birth charts since my mid to late teens. Before computers it was a mathematical challenge that yielded beautiful wheels of planetary symbols and aspects, representing human psychological patterns in an organized way.

At some point in my twenties I drifted away from the craft. I acknowledged my own application of astrology to be overall un-helpful in my day to day affairs and kind of a waste of time, and even lacking challenge. It lacked challenge when computers entered the picture which made it possible for anyone to calculate a chart instantly. There wasn't even "the fun" of working with emphemeris tables and calculators, or using graph paper and rulers to draw out the resulting charts.

My interest re-kindled in my 50s when the general "tide" of interest in astrology began to rise again. For whatever reason, young people are re-discovering it.

I find in these later years of my life that my own understanding of astrological concepts is sharper and more refined, blessed with the wisdom of age. I believe that astrology "works" with the right perspective, including an understanding of its limits.

There is probably a more specific word for it among the broader astrological field, but I am a proponent of reverse-engineering astrological influences to pick apart motivations of common outcomes, rather than concentrating on predictive astrology, the latter which admittedly people assume is what astrology is all about.

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