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A Tab to Paste is a web place to temporarily paste data from other tabs and documents or to type snippets of information that you will use elsewhere. What you do with that data is up to you.

Using it means that you don't have to jump out to an external notepad editor to record snippets on the fly. A Tab to Paste is meant to be kept open in the browser in its own tab. As just another open tab, it loads faster and cleaner than Google Keep or Evernote and thus moves as fast as your train of thought.

Given its simplicity you could be forgiven for not thinking it much at first.

Until you start using it.

You should bookmark the main page and, equally important, keep a constant tab to it open for quick on the fly use. You'll quickly see how it makes life easier when you want to paste or jot something down.

Here are just some simple usage ideas:

Strip Formatting

Oftentimes you want to copy from a source (a web page or maybe a PDF file or something) and paste it directly into another only to find that unwanted formatting gets pasted along with it. Wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way to strip that formatting on the way to the final destination from within the web browser? A Tab to Paste is the place! Paste into the text box then re-copy out of it as re-paste in the final destination. (Update: Some browsers now include a "paste as plain text option" when right-clicking to paste back data negating this value point for the most part. But keep reading, it's more than just about this!)

Build Quick-Lists

The other day we were ordering Chinese Food. The store's menu was open in one tab and an active in another. As we decided what to order I used A Tab to Paste to copy/paste each element of our order from the menu tab. I didn't need the list longer than it took me to phone our order in so something like Google Keep or Evernote would have been "just too much". A Tab to Paste was just right.

Build a Tweet

A Tab to Paste is just a big darn text box, right? It can be used to pre-pen Tweets before they are actually pasted into a tweet box and sent out. The form includes a character counter at the bottom which helps keep your Tweets within 140 280 characters. And as "just a big text box" of course it can be used for any quick composition task (like the quick list cited above).

Brainstorm One-Off Style

Again, as just a "giant text box", A Tab to Paste can be used as the most basic starting point for organizing thoughts or the opening paragraph or so of a deeper composition. I find it handy to start blog posts that I eventually paste and complete in the blogging editor once I'm primed up. I keep an A Tab to Paste bookmark in my browser favorites tool bar and am never one click away from the form. It loads faster and cleaner than Google Keep or Evernote and so moves fast just like my train of thought.

Additional Information

A Tab to Paste is not a "pastebin" service. Once you close your browser tab, the information typed or pasted into it is gone forever. Others cannot later retrieve or view what you were working on. In fact, because the utility is strictly client-based nobody across the network can see what you're pasting or typing. Your pasted or typed data isn't sent anyplace.

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